The iPad Apps Pilots Use in the Cockpit

AS YOU QUEUE anxiously on the jet bridge, you pull out your tablet to see how much battery you've got left. Then you check your kids' tablets—this is a long flight, and those game- and movie-filled screens will be a welcome, necessary distraction at 35,000 feet. And if you look carefully

MiFID II: The 100 day countdown begins

With just over 100 days to go before MiFID II must be implemented, Laura Glynn, Fenergo Director of Regulatory Compliance, assesses the impact that this wide-ranging regulation is set to have on client onboarding and lifecycle management processes for banks in Europe and all over the world. ...

How to be an Instagram Instaguru

Becoming an Instagram expert is to reign supreme in the social, online, and connected world. Instagram is the natural response to an image based society pushing for a more stimulating alternative to text based social networks like Facebook. At over 200 million users sharing over 60 million photographs a day, Instagram is

Apple hides secret job advert to attract world’s best tech talent

The world's biggest technology companies are known for asking difficult questions and running strange competitions in a bid to attract top talent. Apple took the recruiting game a step further this week and hid a job advert on its website. The posting, for a technical engineer, said: "Hey there! You found us. We

Agile Delivery With No Business Knowledge : Bonkers

I’ve had a number of client conversations recently where the enthusiasm and drive which has surrounded the adoption of agile methods of project delivery over the last few years has been overshadowed by a topic which used to come up a lot, but has recently been sidelined by the promises

Buoyant bitcoin stirs crypto-bubble fears

LONDON (Reuters) - Bitcoin and other "cryptocurrencies" are big money, virtually as big as Goldman Sachs and Royal Bank of Scotland combined. The price of a single bitcoin hit an all-time high of above $3,500 this week, dragging up the value of hundreds of newer, smaller digital rivals in its wake.

GDPR takes a step closer to UK law

The new Data Protection Bill will give us one of the most robust, yet dynamic, set of data laws in the world," said Mr Hancock in a statement this morning. Hancock is the Digital Minister in charge of porting GDPR into UK law. "It will give people more control over their data,

Virgin America praised for cyber breach response

Virgin America has alerted employees and contractors to a potential data breach after its security monitoring systems identified unauthorised access to it corporate network. The airline said in a letter to staff that a cyber intrusion may have resulted in the exposure of the user credentials of some employees and contractors. Virgin America said it

The curse of the broken contract hiring process..

Here's a conversation that I bet you've all had at least once this year. Me : "FFS, offer made, offer rejected. We're back to square one" The Client : "What happened?" Me : "We took 3 weeks to hire him and he's taken something else" The Client : " But I interviewed him 2

GDPR compliance not relevant, believe most UK decision makers

Only 39% of UK decision makers polled think the European Union (EU) General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) applies to them, according to the 2017 Risk: Value report commissioned by NTT Security. This is the lowest of all the European countries surveyed, including Germany, Austria, France, Sweden, Norway and Switzerland. A further 20% in the UK said