Verint Launches Cloud-Based Knowledge Management

Verint Systems has introduced its new Knowledge Management Professional solution for organizations that span 90 to 90,000 users. According to Verint, every interaction between a company and customer is an information exchange—whether it’s a customer looking for information on a company’s website or a branch manager helping a couple prepare paperwork

The smart thing to do: practical applications of monetizing big data in finance

In financial services, the dangers associated with monetizing big data are nearly as great as the rewards. The promises of machine learning, data science and Hadoop are tempered by the realities of regulatory penalties, operational efficiency and profit margins that must quickly justify any such expenditure. Additionally, there is often another layer of

Converseon Advances AI-Based Text Analytics

According to the company, Conversus 4.0 puts the power of machine-learning in the hands of users via an intuitive dashboard to allow them to generate actionable insight and business results by separating meaningful signals from the noise associated with unstructured social and VoC data. Conversus allows users to clean and normalize unstructured