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JFrog Acquires CloudMunch to Better Measure DevOps Processes

In a move to bring more insight to the DevOps process, JFrog has acquired CloudMunch, bringing CloudMunch’s DevOps intelligence platform into the JFrog fold.

This acquisition will provide a key piece of JFrog’s promised end-to-end DevOps stack, which starts with the Artifactory binary repository and ends with Mission Control, a monitoring management dashboard for keeping an eye on software health overall, said Kit Merker, vice president of business development at JFrog.

CloudMunch specializes in surfacing the data hidden underneath of a DevOps and continuous integration process. As a result, it provides deeper data insight into the DevOps process and its various components, compared to Mission Control, said Pradeep Prabhu, CEO and founder of CloudMunch.

The purchase will also help JFrog get a jump on data-driven DevOps, which the company sees as the next step in the evolution of DevOps in general. The company’s view is that better intelligence and visibility into the development process, continuous integration, and the distribution of updated binaries will result in a better overall bottom line for software development companies.

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