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Integrating test automation into your development process

Just a few years ago, websites were only tested over desktop devices and a handful of browsers. Nowadays, all facets of the quality assurance process are facing completely new challenges due to the enormous variety of mobile and smart devices in the market.

Test automation has therefore become a crucial factor for quality control, although most companies are still merely scratching its surface, especially when it comes to mobile applications.

Georg Hansbauer, CTO of Testbirds said: “The classic waterfall model, with its rigid development and test phases, is more and more often being replaced by agile methods. Short iterations, so called sprints, are causing shorter testing phases with a high rerun frequency.

“Due to methods such as continuous integration, software is now being updated in increasingly smaller cycles. In parallel to development, testing is also taking place in close intervals, otherwise known as Continuous Testing, posing significant challenges for internal and external teams.”


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