Lead Engineer 

We are looking for great software engineers with the ability to lead small teams who can:
Affect change in your team as the wider organisation radically transforms itself.
Act as an arbiter between engineers when competing solutions are proposed.
Understand how to surface and mitigate technical risks to delivery.
Deliver solutions which use the latest technology (e.g. event driven microservices) but exist in a vast estate which includes complex legacy systems.
Deal with ambiguity and conflict in all aspects of their professional life.
Manage stakeholders in the engineering, delivery and business communities.
Be active in supporting a strong and cohesive community of engineers across several countries and timezones.
Liaise with their counterparts in engineering, architecture, delivery and product management across the globe.
Take ownership of code all the way from design to production – you build it, you support it.
Use agile and lean techniques to safely deliver value fast.
       Essential skills:
Java 8 or later, Spring Boot, Maven, Git.
Continuous Integration / Delivery tooling including Jenkins.
Microservice architectures.
API design and implementation using REST.
Test Driven Development.
Iterative agile techniques (e.g. Scrum, Kanban).